Hell's Rebels

The Story So Far

Original protest against Barzillai Thrune in Aria Park. Violence broke out, and the party met Rexus Victocora when they saved him from assault. Rexus introduced himself and encouraged the PCs to reignite the Silver Ravens.

PCs investigated the Long Roads Coffeehouse basement for Laria Longroad and encountered several Tengu sisters who were recruited to the Silver Ravens. PCs went to investigate a known Silver Ravens hideout where they discoverd Blosodriette, who Dana made a contract with. In addition, several Silver Raven tokens and documens about the original Silver Ravens were in crates in this hideout. Rexus set to work translating these documents.

PCs investigated several killings at the Devil’s Nursery. Killings were found to be the work of tooth fairies, which were summoned by the murer of a tiefling child. During this encounter, players met [[zia: | Zia]]. Later, Zia was rescued from doghousing by Chelish Citizen’s Group members.

PC investigated a series of brawl’s at Clenchjaw’s and discovered the source of the fights to be a Faerie Dragon, who the PCs befriended.

Investigated a crime syndicated called the Red Jills, and eliminated their head.

Players investigated the Sallix Saltworks to release mercenaries imprisoned by Thrune. Alana and Dana distracted guards while the prisoners were extracted.

Players visited the Tooth and Nail tavern at the request of the proprietor, Setrona Sabinus.
She requested that the PCs contact her brother, a Lictor of the Order of the Torrent. Players tracked Lictor Octavio Sabinus to the Shrine of Saint Senex, where they made contact.

At the direction of Lictor Octavio , PCs investigated rumors that Thrune was holding members of the Hellknight Order of the Torrent in the holding house. Using subterfuge, the PCs infiltrated the holding house and extracted the prisoners, even slaying a Kyton to rescue the final Hellknight. Octavio was impressed at the subtlety displayed and suggested to the PCs that they investigate the Lucky Bones as a new hideout.

At the request of Captain Cassius Sargaeta, a letter was delivered to Marquel Aulorian, and Marquel was escorted to Captan Sargata, and promised several favors for his safe return.

PCs investigated Rexus’ estate, which was burned to the ground.

PCs investigated rumors of a bipedal reptile in the sewers.


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